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Social Media Marketing

The so-called social media, portals and media on the Internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn oder XING are on everyone's lips. Almost everyone knows the trademark symbols as shown on the right side of the homepage.

But what does that mean for you and your company, and how can you generate benefits for yourself and your company from these new ways of communicating?

Until a few years ago, companies were usually quite isolated on the Internet. On these days online networking with interested parties took place via forums, guestbooks, blogs and the news section of the homepage. Communication with the site visitor was very passive. The number of users often manageable. This circumstance has changed fundamentally with the advent of social media. Communication through the portals is interactive and very fast. Nowadays the online presentation of the company and the brand still takes place via the homepage, but is often supplemented and expanded by a performance on the social media. Good, valuable content calls you back as a company again and again into the memory of potential contacts.

Whereby we are already at the sticking point of a good social media presence - the good content. The content should interest the user, encourage communication and additionally positively occupy your own brand image. Just like a poorly maintained homepage is a poorly maintained appearance with little reach and little content (if the initial euphoria of the new decreases, usually reduces the number of hits of the publications) occupied in the portals as: "very negative". A good performance with valuable content in the social media demands a lot of time and creativity!

In a personal consultation, we will together find out which possibilities are meaningful for you and your company, set up the profiles on the portals and, if required, also prepare medium to long-term campaigns including generating the content.

We are looking forward to your contactcontact!