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Photography, video, animation

"Make visible what might never have been perceived without you." - Robert Bresson -

Good visual representations, be it in the form of photos (e.g. team, company or product photography) of videos (e.g. in the form of image videos for the product and company presentation), animations or mixed forms of these presentation options, are essential for the professional appearance of your company to the outside (CICI).

In these task areas we have professional equipment and a lot of experience to present you in the right light in the online and print sector. Through the use of specialized software and technology (e.g., a drone with camera for special pictures and videos from above) special forms of presentation such as e.g. A virtual tour of your company (eference projectsreference projects) or a 2D (example)or 3D animation (example) and more creative ways are possible to present you and your company in the best way.

Many more examples of our possibilities can also be found at: reference projects.

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